safe travels - hale hina

Hale Palekona (Safe Home)

🌺 Aloha and Welcome to Hale Hina! 🌺

In this age of COVID we all need to do our part to participate in safe practices to mitigate the spread
of this infectious disease.

The State of Hawaii has implemented a strict “Safe Travel” protocol to mitigate the chances that anyone arriving in Hawaii has COVID.

◀◀ If you haven't already done so, please review our website's Hawaii’s travel program page by clicking on the purple button to the left.
Please read the entire page and bookmark it for easy reference.
That page provides important and comprehensive information regarding planning your trip to,
and arriving on, the Big Island, and will help make your travel day as seamless as possible.

Every effort will be made to make Hale Hina as safe an environment as we can.

Your cooperation in helping us to keep our home safe for our next guests is very much appreciated.

Hale Hina's Sanitation Protocol
It is neither possible nor practical to wash and clean every touchable item or surface in Hale Hina between guests. Therefore, please feel free to inspect each item you use, and wash it before use if you prefer.

With all of that in mind, this is how we are preparing Hale Hina for your stay:
  1. There is a minimum 29-hour period between departing and arriving guests. No early check-in or late check-outs will be allowed if such a request encroaches on that time limit.
  2. The surface areas and floors of the kitchen, refrigerators, bathrooms, tables, bbq, doors and windows are thoroughly wiped, mopped, cleaned and sanitized.
  3. The linens on all the beds are changed and/or cleaned.
  4. All of the towels in the bathrooms, kitchen and lanai are changed and/or cleaned.
  5. All of the silverware, plastic plates and plastic drinkware is washed.
  6. Once the house has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, we apply a food-grade EPA coronavirus certified and approved disinfection product applied through an electrostatic sprayer to every surface area in the house including, but not limited to, the carpets, drapes, furniture, pillows, books. Every cabinet and drawer will also be treated, as will the contents inside the cabinets and drawers. That means that all cooking utensils and appliances, bowls, pans, serving trays, towels and plastic storage items will be treated with this food-grade disinfectant.
  7. Hand sanitizer, facial tissue, paper towels, cleaning supplies and rolls of toilet paper per bathroom will be provided.
Hale Hina’s Ohana COVID Cooperation

Your help, cooperation and consideration to keeping yourself, your traveling companions and Hale Hina safe and healthy are most appreciated.

Mahalo for applying the following safe practices during your stay:
  1. Please remove your shoes at the door so as to not track any germs in on your feet. 🦶
  2. Please use the hand sanitizer provided at the garage and front door before keying in your door code.
  3. Feel free to inspect, then wash or rinse any kitchen utensil or piece of equipment prior to use.
  4. The inventory of plates, bowls and glasses has been reduced to facilitate the sanitation process. You may have to run the dishwasher after each meal even if it isn’t full.
  5. No extra linens or blankets for the beds are out and accessible, again to minimize the sanitation process after your departure. If you’d like your sheets changed on your bed, please feel free to wash the ones on the bed and put them back on. If you require more blankets, please inform Ute.
  6. If you think you will need to use the hide-a-bed in the 3rd bedroom, the murphy bed in the guest suite, or the roll-away bed in another room, please inform Ute before you arrive so that she can set up the bed(s) for you. This also allows us to know that they have been used during your stay so we can properly disinfect them upon your departure.
  7. If you use any of the extra pillows provided from the closets, please leave them on the beds when you depart so we know they were used during your stay.
  8. Masks are required at all times in public in Hawaii. 😷 Please bring an adequate supply for your needs. If you require more information, please click here to familiarize yourself with the mask rules for the Big Island.